MUGA, a Belgian artist and a active representative of neograffiti, was born and grew up Namur, and is currently living and working between Marseille and Brussels.
He first started taking interest in aerosol at the time when Belgium saw the rising of Hip Hop movement.  Very early he turned towards “stencil”, which he practices since 1996.
It’s in Brussels where Muga put his first stickers around town, and in 2005 drew attention to himself for his images of personalities and radios. The motif of radio will constantly repeat itself in his work, only to become, in different styles and forms, his graphic signature.
He starts to experiment with different techniques, supports and sizes in his work, and today, his interventions carry a condensation of these experiments. His past up are multidimensional - from the small ones aimed at a curious and attentive eye, to the monumental ones, leaving to the imagination the question of their realisation. They mix figurative and abstract drawings, animals, people, vegetables, biomechanics, materials, sculptures, letters, sign language and much more. A strong colour and twinkle underline it all, allowing his images to communicate with their urban context.
Muga’s art demands from a viewer to approach closely, to be able to see all the subtleties, the details and inscriptions. We are invited to observe these elements as a critique of our society, of images around us, publicity, discourses, media or technology. At the same time, his images contain a certain humour, and represent a small chaos between us and the city, making the city more real for its habitants.
His work has recently been exposed in Belgium, as a part of two exhibitions: “Explosion: L’art du graffiti a Bruxelles” (Explosion: Brussels Graffiti Art), in Ixelles Museum, Brussels; and “Vues sur Murs: L’imprime dans l’art urbain” (Seen on the wall: prints in urban art) in Centre of Gravure and Printed Image, La Louviere.
Muga has left traces of his art in many cities in Belgium, as well as in Paris, Marseille, Berlin, Amsterdam, and in the countries he has travelled to: Mali, Canary Islands, Sri Lanka, India